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On 16 February of this year have ended the peace talks organised by the UN in Geneva abruptly and without any positive outcome. The UN had ceased to keep record of the death toll a month earlier. The immense chaos the country is emerged in, makes it virtually impossible to continue this count. Human rights organisations, however, claim that the death toll has risen above 140.000 by now. Severe violations of the human rights have been reported on multiple sides of the conflict. Over 1.000.000 children are displaced and on the run. An outbreak of the incurable disease polio in the East of the country is threatening the lives of many of them.

The deadlock in this horrible war is a direct result of the continuing military en political support by Russia of the Assad regime. More than ever it seems relevant to send letters and emails to the Russian president Poetin and the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, to demand a cease fire and intervention by the international community!

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This call should be immediately spread throughout the whole world, to stop the crimes committed against humanity in Syria.
Over 100,000 people have been killed so far. For almost two years, this civil war between cruel dictator Assad and his opponents has been raging, and both sides are being supported by foreign nations. The Russians want to keep their ally Assad in place, because they fear more chaos in the country and loss of influence in the region. Russia has blocked all UN interventions. No other world power has succeeded in ending this deadlock. And so the violence against the Syrian people continues.
We want to make sure that this disaster is not forgotten. We ask citizens - of the entire world - to demand active steps from their leaders. Stop the violence!

We want to enhance this by spreading the following text via email, facebook, twitter and all other useful social media. Increasing numbers of participants will strengthen this message. Join in.
Stop the war in Syria and demand from your government that the violence ends now! #stopwarsyria
In case you don’t use social media, pass on this text by email to as many people possible. Do it now, talk about it and spread the message as widely as you can.

On March 15 2013, it was two years ago that the violence in Syria started. This shouldn't drag on. We want to ask you not just to write to your government, but also to the Russian President Poeting and Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations. They hold the key to resolve the conflict. Their adresses:

Mr. V. Poetin, President of Russia
23, Ilyinka Street,
Moscow, 103132, Russia.

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General
The United Nations
760 United Nations Plaza
Manhattan, NY 10017